New Year, New Birds!

Keep an eye out for our winter visitors!


Ruby Crowned Kinglet

  • These tiny birds enjoy eating suet, insects, and sunflower chips.

Cedar Waxwing

  • These flamboyant visitors enjoy eating berries and love birdbaths.

Yellow Rumped Warbler

  • Easy to spot "butter-butts" love suet, insects, and sunflower chips.

White Crowned Sparrow

  • These striking sparrows enjoy millet, corn and berries.

Spotted Towhee

  • These funky ground feeders are uncommon, but love insects, cherries and thistle seed. Look for them un dense, brushy areas!

Dark Eyed Junco

  • A popular winter visitor, these ground feeders prefer millet seed over sunflower seed.

American Goldfinch

  • These bright yellow birds are not so bright when they visit Texas. At first glance, they are commonly mistaken for House Sparrows! Look for those bright white and black wing bars and a forked tail.

Pine Siskin

  • Also commonly mistaken for sparrows, this cousin of the Goldfinch enjoys sunflower seeds, thistle seed, and occasionally suet.


With cooling temperatures outside, don't forget to feed high fat foods to keep our feathered friends warm and healthy!

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