Employee Favorites

Welcome to the world of bird enthusiasts! Our passionate team at Wild Birds Unlimited is excited to share some of our favorite products that make birdwatching an enjoyable experience. Whether you're a seasoned birder or just starting, these employee favorites are sure to enhance your birding adventure!

  • Recommended by Christina Darlington, Owner

    • "My favorite feeder is a large tray feeder with a dove guard (2 inch openings).  I have this on my pole system with a baffle.  The feeder allows cardinals, finch, chickadees, etc. in to eat, while at the same time, preventing doves and grackles from getting in.  The battle stops the squirrels from having lunch too.  It is easy to fill and clean."
    • "I love the Tree Nutty Plus in the winter.  it has lots of fat to keep the birds nourished including Bark Butter Bits.  I change to a No Mess blend in the summer, typically the No Mess NM CD, because it provides calcium for the growing fledglings."


                                                                             (pictured: Tree Nutty Plus)

  • Recommended by Kara Sue, Lakeline Store Bird Feeding Specialist

    • The Fundamental Feeder is a favorite.  It's simple, durable, and perfect for attracting a diverse range of backyard birds BUT will keep doves, grackles and squirrels off.  
    • A platform feeder with a rain guard is great for cardinals, wrens, chickadees, titmice and more! 
    • Sun Chips - "All birds love it, very clean and tidy.
    • Tree Nutty - "Brings a party to the yard!" Even has suet bits in the mix!
    • NutraSaff - "Higher in fat & protein and cardinals in my yard prefer it!" Plus, squirrels don't usually like the bitter taste.


                                                                                     (pictured: Fundamental Feeder)

  • Top picks by Susanne, Georgetown store Bird Feeding Specialist

    • "My favorite feeder is my hanging tray feeder. The birds are relaxed in the feeder and relaxed with each other. It gives me hours of birdwatching enjoyment."
    • No Mess NM CD - "This is a crowd favorite at my house. It's easy to eat, especially for the chickadees who like to grab and go."
    • Winter Blend - "In the winter months I love to feed Winter Blend which is a hardy and tasty treat."
  • Recommendations by Debra, Georgetown store employee

    • Debra loves tray feeders because all the birds land for the feast in her yard.
    • No Mess DP - "All the birds are attracted to it."


                                                                                           (pictured: Tray Feeder)

  • Blaine's recommendations, a Lakeline Bird Feeding Specialist

    • Blaine loves tube feeders, vertical seed cylinder feeders and Bark Butter logs.  "I get every kind of bird imaginable for this area with the combo of these three feeders.  I will see over 10 different kinds of birds every day."
    • No Mess NM CD is great for both loose seed and cylinders. 
    • Must have Bark Butter for my Bark Butter log


                                                                                       (pictured: Tidy Cylinder Feeder)

  • Top picks by Liz, a Georgetown store employee

    • "The Eliminator!"   It's squirrel-proof and attracts a variety of birds. The adjustable weight settings ensure only the birds you want to feed can access it.
    • Tree Nutty - "This blend attracts the most birds in my backyard."


                                                                                             (pictured: Eliminator Feeder)

  • Recommended by Ingrid, Store Manager

    • "I love the Eliminator.  It holds a good amount of seed and prevents doves and squirrels from taking over the feeder."
    • "I've been feeding Tree Nutty Plus for 7 months.  It brings all of the birds to my yard, including woodpeckers, warblers and kinglets."
  • Highlights by Liza, Facebook Specialist

    • "My favorite feeder is the quick clean, mesh finch feeder.  I love watching the whole flock show up and take turns feeding! The mesh feeder allows more room and more goldfinch! It makes me laugh every time I see them feeding upside down on the mesh.  It's also nice that the goldfinch are the only birds that really eat nyjer much and squirrels don't care for it."
  • Recommended by Elaina, Webpage and Bird Feeding Specialist

    • "I love the XL Tube Feeder.  This feeder is durable (I've had mine about 20 years) and has cardinal perches. I've added a hook underneath my feeder (you can get this hook at WBU).  I hang a platform feeder underneath that will catch all the dropped seed and the birds will also eat out of the platform."
    • "Another must have in my yard is my Bark Butter Log and/or Suet feeder (I have both).  Birds that don't traditionally eat loose seed love to munch on the bark butter and suet."
    • NutraSaff - "NutraSaff is great.  Cardinals, titmice, chickadees and house finches love it.  Plus, squirrels don't really like the bitter flavor of the shell."
    • Spicy sunflower chips - "Wild Birds Unlimited sells a few different loose spicy seeds.  I love the spicy sunflower chips.  Goldfinches go crazy for this.  I mix these spicy chips with NutraSaff to make everyone happy."
    • Bark Butter and Suet Cake - "I love the spicy Bark Butter and Suet Cakes.  These keep the squirrels away but the birds still love it since they don't have any pain receptors for spicy tastes."


                                                                                            (pictured: Quick-Clean XL Tube Feeder)